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We're looking for some key development partners for a new open-source project to build a flexible N-Tier Integration framework.

Since initially creating the N-Tier.com website 20+ years ago, I've had the idea to develop a prototype software system that provides an evolvable, full-stack software platform conforming to industry best practices. This new distributed N-Tier platform would be used as a turnkey system that can be easily deployed and quickly customized to fit a wide variety of common use cases and scenarios.

While developing such a complex project would have been difficult at that original time, new software technologies and a large variety of high-quality open-source projects, now means assembling this type of flexible stack is currently much more feasible. 

So I'd now like to re-purpose the N-Tier website(s) to host and promote an ongoing open-source project focused on creating a potentially large-scale N-Tier Integration project.

The idea is to use a variety of flexible open-source components in order to assemble an easily extensible and highly scalable stack of enterprise-class software that anyone can use as a starting place for developing custom systems.

This new platform can be used for any number of purposes, including deploying instant next-gen websites, turn-key intranets, project management applications, personal portals, partner portals, eCommerce systems, NGOs, etc.

Incorporating a best-of-breed software stack using best practices and employing continuous improvement concepts should ensure an adaptable and evolvable platform that can morph and grow over time, without becoming obsolete.

We initially want to create a full-stack Portal platform where we can quickly enable any number of Virtual Portals, and also allow others to easily deploy and customize the core platform. The initial prototype we have created is primarily based on a full Java stack, using Liferay enterprise portal along with a host of related tools to create a robust and highly scalable, enterprise-class platform.

Other services will be integrated into the core platform using an API-centric approach that enables virtually any type of programming language, service, and/or data-source to be leveraged and incorporated as needed.

Blockchain and DLT will help represent a stake in the venture, as well as being integrated into our core platform in multiple ways. We also plan to enable educational elements and a flexible peer support network, so anyone with issues can quickly get help to solve difficult problems, etc.

As an fully open-source project, the business model is based on creating a flexible business/collaboration platform that can be quickly deployed, and then providing clients with expert services to customize, extend, integrate, and maintain the system.

As an ongoing open-source project, all development partners would be working independently and would contribute whatever each person feels is most valuable to the overall project. Many different kinds of assistance are needed to help build a strong platform and reach the project's full potential, so what type of resources and how you want to contribute is primarily up to you.

Experts will be needed in many fields including Java - Liferay - Mulesoft / API's - Eclipse - Postgres and/or other DBs - Linux - JavaScript - Docker - Kubernetes - Blockchains & Smart Contracts, AI, etc., plus experience with other languages and environments that can provide alternative interfaces, external APIs, and various backend services, etc.

While there is no traditional compensation for contributions to the projects at this time, we expect to offer generous bonus rewards for value created. In addition to the more traditional rewards of contributing to open-source software, we intend to provide a simple bounty system that pays partners with our digital tokens for their specific contributions.

At this point, we really need some high-level partners that are very proactive in recognizing the overall potential value and working to fulfill that potential.

Want to Get Involved?

If this type of role is something that you are interested in taking on, then please feel free to get in touch and let us know what level of assistance you might anticipate contributing to the project? Based on what role you see yourself playing and what you are looking for in return, we can try to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

We've recently created an N-Tier Group on LinkedIn that we can use for initially sharing and discussing relevant information, and to help inform and guide further development, etc. Please feel free to join the new group if you want and help get things moving: 


PS: We also currently have a couple of independent but potentially related open-source projects underway that are expected to use the new N-Tier platform, both targeting the Net-Generation / Digital Native demographic.

Our new N-Crowd project will leverage the initial N-Tier technology framework to add a powerful web-based Collaboration layer that includes Scrum Project Management capabilities and lots of related functionality that can assist in managing virtually any kind of project. Click here to join the N-Crowd Project

Our new CrowdBucks project adds a variety of financial capabilities to the mix and enables many types of trade and commerce services as an optional component layer.

These projects are all intended as a member-owned and a completely open-ended type of concept, so where we go from our initial framework will be largely determined by our members, partners, and related opportunities.

If you are interested in finding out more about the related projects, here are links to additional information.

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